Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long Overdue

Ok, I went to SoCal over a month ago but I was cleaning my apartment this morning and found a notebook where Bostody and I had categorized and ranked all of our favorite people/weirdos that we met...mostly in LA, but some in Bakersfield as well. I'd like to write about what made each one so funny/awesome/creepy before I forget altogether so, here goes. (I SO wish we had taken pictures, but we only took pictures of one.)

Honorable Mentions (Memorable, but not quite awesome or creepy enough for the other lists):

4. The Motel 6 Crew
Ok, this should be more than one entry but whatever. First there was Susannah. She was a very "butch" lady and I thought it was funny that her name was so feminine. She is one of 2 people in our lists that we remember by her real name. She was the front desk girl who was checked us in and then was there everyday to answer our ridiculous questions. She was always nice even when I could tell we were really annoying her. Her one flaw is that she was a big fat liar. We asked her if there was a microwave in the hotel and she said no, nowhere without blinking an eye. That leads me to Stan the Popcorn Man and Frankie, the night desk guys who round out this "crew". On our first night in the hotel, Bostody and I were REALLY craving the Homestyle Popcorn we had brought with us and we decided that Susannah must have been lying and so we would find a microwave in that damn hotel if it were the last thing we did! Luckily for us, we are both super hot and really persuasive and were able to convince Stan the Popcorn Man to use the super-secret employee microwave in our behalf using our feminine wiles. (I think I just realized that I've only heard that word spoken aloud and therefore have no idea how to spell it...whiles, wyles?) Ok, the truth is we just asked him to use the employee microwave in the back (that we had no proof existed) to pop our popcorn and he didn't even balk. I think that is more because we are bossy than because we are seductive. Frankie was the night guy the next night who also popped for us without question, although he gave us some weird looks because that was the night we played "America's Next Top Model" and ratted our hair and smeared vasoline all over our faces for our photo shoot.

3. "Uh, You Got Some Sh** in Yo Teeth" Guy
Ok, we probably could have come up with a better name than that but that is the only thing this guy said to us in like 3 hours and so that is just what we called him. While still in Bakersfield, Bostody and I went with two of her bestest friends to the Crystal Palace for Karaoke night. This place had TONS of memorable peeps in it, some of whom will be described later. Anyways, we sat at a table in the back and 3 "Pretty Fly for White Guys" sat at a bar behind us. You know the type...the hats with the big, flat brims angled off to one side, those fluffy tennis shoes, low and baggy jeans, etc. At one point after we had befriended the boys, we asked them to take pictures of us with brownies smeared all over our teeth. Two of them thought that was hilarious and the third guy just sat there quietly staring at us. After the pics were taken and we sat down to wipe off the gunk, he calmly pointed at us and said "..." well, you know.

2. Ogden boy.
Maybe this guy shouldn't be on the list because I already don't remember why we thought he was funny. I'll just say he was from Ogden and we thought that it was random for a Utah native to end up in a Bakersfield WalMart as a mechanic.

1. Hot Gay Couple.
Bostody and I really debated whether these two were worthy of the top list but eventually agreed to make them honorable mentions, considering that we never talked to them or even made eye contact with them. They attended Wicked the same night as us and sat maybe 6 rows ahead of us. And they were VERY good looking! I really only looked at one of them (I'd say 90% of the time) but Bostody looked at both equally. I bet if people in the theater were watching us (side note, wouldn't it be SO awesome if we made someone's list as Hot Lesbian Couple even though we are not even lesbian?) they probably thought we were really weird for gawking (seriously, mouths open-trying not to blink so we don't miss a milisecond of taking in their beauty-gawking) at the Gay Couple for so long. But man, they were SO GOOD LOOKING!

Dang it, I just realized as I was looking over our list that we made it prematurely because we met some of our favorite people our last day in LA. I'll just add them to the Top 5 list, even though Bostody would yell at me that that is NOT allowed. But it's my description and my blog, so I'll do what I want. -Blows rasberry in Bostody's general direction.-

Before moving on to the next list, I'll add the Not Shy Lesbian couple to this honorable mention one. On our last night in LA, Bostody and I went to a little Italian restaurant off of Hollywood Blvd. It was very crowded in there and we ended up getting seated RIGHT next to these two pretty women (they were sitting on the same bench as me and our tables were only 8 inches apart.) At first I just thought they were really good friends like Bostody and I. But after they had downed half a jug of wine I noticed they were sitting unusually close together and then realized that the Brunette was stroking the Blonde's thigh. Ok, maybe they were just REALLY good friends. Then, after enough time had passed for them to finish the jug-o-wine, I was in the middle of a sentence when Bostody's jaw dropped open and she stopped listening to me. I glanced over to see what she was looking at and the two ladies next to us were full-on making out and groping each other. We ended up talking to them later (after they had pried themselves apart) and had a very nice conversation. On a related note, I would just like to say that after my trip to Los Angeles I think that L.A. is the Gay capitol of the world. I've been to San Francisco and I live in Portland and neither one even compared to the sheer number of homosexual couples flooding the streets of L.A. Maybe there was a convention the weekend I was there or something. Haha. (disclaimer, I don't think I am being offensive in these descriptions, but I fear I may be like The Office's Michael and saying all kinds of stuff that is politically incorrect. So if I am, I'm sorry and I only have good intentions.)

All right, I really need to go to bed so I'll leave it here for now. Next up...the creepiest people we met and then THE BIG 5 BEST PEOPLE in SoCal!