Saturday, August 23, 2008

Twilight Trailer Spoof

This will only be funny if you've seen the real Twilight trailers (you can find them on if you haven't). I almost died laughing watching this! Soooooo funny!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I know I said my next post would be about Logger's Jubilee, but I'm too lazy to post all the pictures right now. Instead I found this cute picture of Kelsey and my mom and I. I look kind of gross in it, and who knows why my gum is front and center, but isn't my mom just so cute? I don't know many moms who are almost 50 and have such cute, youthful faces still. Hopefully I inherited her wrinkle-lite genes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Busy Life

My life has been on overdrive since my family reunion...there was the reunion, then my birthday, then Brooke's birthday, then working full time AND training a new girl for 2 weeks (training is harder work than you would think!), then the Morton Logger's Jubilee. Now I should still be running my marathon-o-fun-and-craziness by spending a week in Provo but instead life has come to a crashing halt. I am VERY sad to not be going to Education Week and visiting some of my favorite people in the universe, but it's also nice to be able to relax and breathe again before school starts next week.

Here are some pictures to highlight the two most exciting events of the last few weeks...those being my family reunion on my mom's side and OF COURSE the Logger's Jubilee:

Skylar was helping Kelsey fix her family shirt. Our aunt is banished from ever ordering the shirts again...not only were they a shade of orangey-red that doesn't flatter anyone's skintone, she also ordered Kelsey and my shirts in 2XL MENS! Ok, I readily admit that I am not a skinny girl, but men's 2xl?? I'm not even close to that. Luckily, I got to ditch my shirt early...picture and explanation to follow...

Skylar and I cheesing it up for the camera.

Me on some sort of a boat or canoe. I think the life-jacket on top of the red shirt is especially flattering. Please ignore me as much as possible and just take in the scenery behind was beautiful at Camp Zarahemla!

The Oliver Ladies (minus one) during the family olympic games!

And here's where the story of how I got to ditch our family shirt early begins. The final olympic event of the day was the women's canoe races. My mother got caught up in the excitement of the day and volunteered her sister, herself and me to make up the "Brooks" team. I knew we were in trouble when my mom couldn't even get onto her seat in the canoe for like 5 minutes.

Once she finally balanced herself precariously on the middle seat, we pushed off. Our race went well for about 1.3 seconds, then the forward momentum of the canoe caused my dear mother to fall flat on her back with her legs straight up in the air (My dad calls this the "V for Victory" picture...referencing my mom's leg positions)

As my oblivious aunt kept yelling "Stroke! Stroke!" and I kept trying to yell "Mom, get up!" through my laughter, my mom gamely tried to follow both our orders which of course resulted in us tipping our canoe into the cold, cold lake water.

We may not have won the race, but on the upside we gave everyone's abs a good work out from the laugher AND I found a legitimate excuse to take off that shirt early!

My mom begs me before every family reunion to do something for the talent show. Usually I adamately decline, for fear of embarrasing myself, but after listening to her pleas for weeks I finally gave in this year. I thought as long as I was going to embarrass myself anyway, I might as well go full tilt and do a loud song in an obnoxious english accent dressed as a dirty hobo AND make my mom and sister do it with me!

Brittney came through for the Oliver's with her much more dignified performance of "Castle on a Cloud." While it was very sweet, I can't help but wish she had showcased her rockin' robot dance skillz instead.

My little cousin (I don't know how far removed...she's my grandma's great neice) Elizabeth took this lovely picture of my parents. I don't feel guilty at all for posting it, as my dad ditched a large part of the reunion to go play golf so this is one of the few pictures I have as proof he was really there.

Miss Elizabeth and I. There's tons of adorable kids in my family and she's a good sampling of the cuteness.

Another adorable cousin Rachel got to be baptized in the lake during the reunion. It was very sweet, even her gasping shriek as she emerged from the frigid water. =)

There were over 100 people at our reunion, and I love being around most of them but these two kids are the best. Anthony is my first cousin who is closest to my age on my mom's side and we had a lot of fun together growing up. Now he has a little family and looks like a mexican gangster, but we still manage to have fun. Nathan is my bestest cousin and I had SO much fun seeing him and getting to know his fabulous new wife Lynn better. They were the highlight of the reunion for me!

Wow, posting pictures on this thing is no joke, and while I have tons more from the reunion, I think these capture the essence of my experience pretty well. I feel lucky that even though my mom's family keeps getting bigger and bigger, we still make it a priority to have these big ol' reunions every 2 years. It's always good to see and talk to everyone. Mostly though, it just makes me appreciate my immediate family even more. I just really adore my parents and sisters and all of the crazy fun we have together.

This post is already enormous, so I'm going to do a To Be Continued...Next time I'll show you some pictures of the Morton Logger's Jubilee which I'm totally making an annual event in my life because it was AWESOME!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another Year

So it was the big 2-5 today. It was a nice day, overall. I had to work because the main receptionist is on vacation, but I got a 2 hour lunch. Mel treated and it was great (as usual) to spend time with her and continue our eternal good conversation. (One time her husband told us to stop talking and go to bed because we had all of the next day to talk to each other and I just shook my head at him and told him there are never enough hours in the day to capture all the things Mel and I find to talk about.)

After work I rushed to my parent's house to clean up for the little party I threw for myself. (I know, it's a little sad and pathetic, but if I didn't do it I wasn't sure if anyone would so I was just proactive about it.) I put out my food and baked and frosted my cake and then waited for the guests to arrive. It was kind of a strange group...a mix of friends I've known for 12 years, some I've only known for 1, 2 or 3 (most of the ones in that group are the spouses or children of the friends I've known forever), and a couple of kids who I've only known for a month or so. They ranged in age from 6 months-26 years. At one point, my dog tried to "get frisky" with my favorite 1 yr old ever, and the highlight of the party was his mom yelling "STOP HUMPING MY BABY!"

Birthdays have never been a big deal in my house...especially mine since my sister's birthday is the next day. Today was pretty laid back as usual, but it was still nice to be told that people love me and remember me. Haha, the only sad thing about the day was I totally lost the Facebook competition. You know how some people get millions of Happy Birthday messages on Facebook and Myspace? I got like 6. Which I appreciate, really. But the same part of me that always wished I was 5'8 and size 2 with amazing boyfriends and lots of money was a little dissapointed that more people didn't say something. Isn't that awful? I should erase that and not post it, but the part of me that thinks it's kind of funny won't let me.

I need to post more stories on my other blog. I will, but it will probably be a little while. Life has been busy with my family reunion (SO FUN -- I'll devote my next post to that) and birthday. And now I'm scheduled to go to the fair and to the Morton LOGGER'S JUBILEE this weekend. I'm totally stoked for both and plan on seeing a lot of really funny rednecks at both events. I'll try and take pictures.

My high school friends and their spouses (who are also my friends...some of them even better than the original high school ones, haha) The single kids had already left the'd think they'd be ready to party hearty and be the last ones to go, but I guess we were a. too boring or b. too exciting for them. I'm not sure which.