Wednesday, September 10, 2008

School's In Session!

Just when I thought I had gotten a good rhythm down for blogging, my schedule became all crazy again and now my posts are few and far between. I have a couple of minutes before class though and thought I'd just give a quick update. Apparently the logger's jubilee post is never going to happen, so I'll just suffice it to say that lumberjacks + small town hicks + good friends = tons-o-fun. I'm totally making it an annual tradition!

School started again, and I've been floating on air because I will be DONE IN MAY!! Only two semesters left, and I'm so excited. Unfortunately due to stupid school policies and transfer problems, I have to take chemistry this semester and it's kind of kicking my butt. Luckily I'm taking it with a friend, and the rest of my classes aren't hard so far so hopefully I'll get through it ok.

Otherwise life is really good. I flew to L.A. last weekend for my good friend Carri's wedding. She was beautiful and I really like her husband so it was a happy event. Plus I love her family so it was totally good to see them.

I ran into an old classmate a few minutes ago and after we talked about his life for a little while he said, "So how are you doing? I think you must be doing really well, are you doing really well?" I replied that yes, life was really good. He responded with, "Yeah, I thought so. You just have a really good energy surrounding you." I don't know if it's my aura or just the fact that I'm wearing a bright pink shirt today, but either way I appreciated the compliment. Hopefully the good energy sticks around for a long time because I love feeling happy!

All right, I'm off to my "fake" class now. It's institute (basically a bible study class for college mormons). My coworker asked why it was fake and I told him because I don't get any credit for going to it...except with God, haha. Until next time (be it days, weeks or months)!