Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pictures Pictures Pictures (and Some Not-Famous People)

I just really love this picture of the sunset outside my house earlier this week. It was perfect timing too, because I've been all bummed out and moody for the last 3 weeks, and then I got a shot in the arm of happiness (the "shot" consisted of 1 part hot chocolate, 2 parts good book, 3 parts amazing women and 4 parts faith in God. Mix thouroughly and partake...and you're good to go!) Anyways, the weather's been extra dark and rainy this week but then the day I started feeling happy again, the rain started to subside and by eveningtime THAT sunset took place. I felt it fit my mood perfectly.

Yesterday, between the "hormonal" and "idiot" parts (see previous two posts), was a busy and fun day. The family I live with went out of town for the weekend, so Jessie and I were left to our own devices all weekend. I took her to my old high school where my sister was participating in a cheer competition. Jessie was amazingly content the whole time (probably because there were lots of cute boys for her to observe). I was in a picture-taking mood, so here are the results of that...

Skylar in all her Cheerleader Glory

Ok, this picture makes me laugh because I keep thinking "Skylar, quick...go make sure mom and dad get to that prom together, or you might never be born!" Because remember Back to the Future and how his body parts kept fading away one after another while he played Johnny Be Good and Earth Angel?

Mom is Skylar's biggest fan.

The next series of pictures are from when I tried to get a good shot of Jessie and I together. The first three make me laugh. A lot. Jessie was really distracted by watching a little boy fight with his mom, and she was annoyed with me for trying to make her look at the camera instead.

This one was almost a good one...

And finally one with Jessie actually looking at the camera AND smiling! I look a little gross, but I'll take what I can get.

The "Mom, Jessica, Skylar" photoshoot. We were obviously feeling silly at this point.

After the cheer comp, I took Jessie to see Twilight. She loved it, and I loved listening to her laugh whenever someone got hurt or was killed. It cracks me up when she thinks violence and pain are funny.

We met up with my mom and Skylar again after the movie and all drove together to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my mom's birthday (it was earlier this week.) After we were seated in our booth, we noticed that this guy was standing right next to me and he was dressed like a CIA agent...complete with dark sunglasses and an earpiece. There were 3 others just like him positioned down the restaurant aisle. We glanced around excitedly to see who was being guarded, but all we could see was 4 tables-worth of tackily and skankily dressed people across from our booth. The girls all had gross wigs and fishnets on and the guys were wearing sunglasses and muscle shirts and "bling". My mom tried asking the guard if the people were famous and he wouldn't respond to her (just like the British castle guards!), and instead of just giving up, she KEPT talking to him. At one point she (loudly) said, "I just feel so bad, I mean it probably hurts their feelings that we don't even know who they are if they're famous, so if you just tell us then THEY will feel better!" I had to kick her under the table to get her to stop talking. But then she kept pestering our waiter to find out if someone famous was sitting just feet away from us. Luckily, our server was super-cute (Jessie was totally making googly eyes at him all night) and nice to my mom and he even tried talking to the guards himself to get info for us. But nothing worked, so we left dinner with our curiousity never satisfied.

When I marry Mark Ruffalo, I'm totally not inviting my mom to the wedding. She's too embarrassing around famous people.

I think this post is super random, but whatever. I needed an excuse to put off getting ready for church so I chose this. Speaking of that, does anyone else out there HATE getting ready for stuff? I mean, I enjoy looking nice and I love it when my outfit and hair and make-up reach perfect harmony, but ugh! The effort it takes to get there makes me tired just thinking about it. Maybe I'm not a real girl since I hate the primping process?

You Know You're an Idiot When...

you spend over an hour loading and reloading a video from your digital camera to your computer and search the camera's user manual, and google because the video has sound on the camera, but none on the computer, and then when you've reached your wit's end you realize headphones are plugged in to your computer and THAT is why the video can't be heard.

Today has obviously been kind of a weird day, lol.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Know You're Hormonal When...

You cry like a baby through the end of "Cheaper by the Dozen".

Seriously. Like a baby.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was a tag virgin until today...thanks for taking my innocence, Jeannette. ;-) Here's the 6th picture from my 6th folder:

It's from a "sister's night" I had with my sisters when we went out to eat and then miniature golfing in April of last year. I have more pictures of all 5 of us in the folder, but this happened to be the 6th one, so there you go. Kelsey's on the left, Skylar in the middle and then me.

In other news, I really really need chocolate, Pepsi and ibuprofen right now. (I'll give you 3 guesses why.) It's not good timing for my hormones and body to be all out of wack, since this week has been CRAZY at school and I've had zero motivation to write any of my papers or study for quizzes and tests. I was "studying" with my chemistry lab partners yesterday and instead of being helpful, I think all I succeeded in doing was amazing them with my ability to have 37 distinct moods and personalities in a 3-hour time-span. =) Oh well, at least with medication my craziness is limited to just a few days a month instead of 365 days a year, haha.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Since November is Thanksgiving Time...

I thought I'd start early with the giving thanks thing. Tonight, I am grateful for:

A mom who lights up so much when my sisters and I "let" her hang out with us. She loves how young we keep her, and I love how fun (and funny/nerdy) she is.

A dad who makes the best homemade caramel ever!

Sisters who are finally old enough to also be my bestest friends.

My BFF Mel and her hubby and her mom and her sister who are so fun to hang out with. (And have been for the last 12 years! Except Nick, who's been fun since we met but that was only like 4 years ago)

Good music.

Evidence that God knows me and loves me.

Parking-lot conversations under the stars

Internet television

Sappy romance movies


Blogs that let me keep tabs on friends and family that live far away.

Ok, that's all I have for now. Well, at least all I can think of. I'm grateful for lots more stuff, obviously, but for some reason I thought I was in a writing mood but I'm getting writers block now. It's a start at least and I'll try to remember all the rest of the parts of my life that make me happy and thankful for future entries.