Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Like Missing Christmas

OH NO! I have been running around like a crazy person for the last few weeks with way too much stuff on my plate so I haven't had time to watch t.v. (I haven't even watched the Lost finale yet...) and I haven't had time to hang out at the parents' house and hijack their satellite and so


You have no idea the amount of anguish this causes me. I look forward to catching it on ESPN and ESPN2 every year. I've converted many a friend/roommate/family member to its awesomeness. Laugh, scoff or scorn me if you will. It's the best thing since sliced bread and now I have to wait a whole 'nother year to see it again.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Steady as She Goes

I had a brief moment of sadness tonight when I let myself give into irrational fears about my future. But don't worry, it lasted but a moment and now I'm ok again. I think. No, I am. I'm just in a really weird place right now and am trying to make sense out of a life that I never imagined for myself. But I'm learning that unexpected doesn't mean bad and really am trying to have a good attitude and be as happy as possible in circumstances I never anticipated.

I need to do something to help me feel like more of an adult. I FEEL pretty mature and like I have age-appropriate levels of intelligence and stuff. But then when I describe my life to myself or others, I always revert to feeling like an 18 year old (or younger). Here's a partial list of current things about me...which of these things sound like they come from the life of an almost 25 year old?

1. Not yet finished with a bachelor's degree...been out of high school for 7 years
2. Live 2 miles from home and spend the majority of time with parents and sisters
3. Working part-time making barely more than minimum wage (I did have a salaried job earning $30,000/yr. 2 years ago, but I quit that and reverted back to student friendly work)
4. Never touched tobacco, alchohol or any substances really with a stronger punch than Dr. Pepper (according to Brian, I'm REALLY missing out here, haha). Can you be an adult without waltzing into the office each morning with your sophisticated cup-o-Joe from Starbucks? p.s. nothing makes you feel like more of a 5 year old than going out to "coffee" with friends and ordering a hot cocoa with whip cream on top, haha
5. Never been in a relationship that lasted longer than 2 weeks (and that one was Jr. year of high school!)
6. Have not travelled further east than Colorado, mostly only "travel" to Utah...LAME!
7. No significant worldly possessions such as furniture (for some reason I associate adulthood with needing a U-Haul to move, as opposed to just loading up my car and fitting everything I own in that one load)
8. No mortgage or car payments to speak of, and I only just got my first credit card last month. Also I don't balance my checkbook.
9. It's fun for me to go somewhere and have to show my to a comedy club. I get a little thrill from it because I've only had to do it 4, maybe 5 times since my 21st birthday in 2004. Mind you, I'm not participating in any activities that require me to be over 21, but it still feels cool and adultish to have to whip out that license!
10. I totally get wrapped up in MTV reality shows like The Hills. That has to be proof I'm not an adult yet, right?

What other normal, mature almost 25 year olds have lives that look like this? In my experience, it's 98% weirdo's who are over the age of 18 (16?) and have a resume similar to mine. You know -- the socially awkward, slightly stinky, and always oblivious weirdo's. So am I delusional and desperate and maybe a little conceited to be convincing myself that I'm part of that 2% who is fun and smart and not socially retarded? I just don't know. And I don't trust any of you who say that I am part of the awesome 2%, because you are my friends or my family so you have to be nice and also you think I need your encouragement (aka pity?) and I hate it when people think I'm digging for compliments when I REALLY and TRULY am not. I'm just trying to figure things out by talking and typing to get everything out of my head where I can examine it a little better. Then again, it never hurts to hear exactly why I am freaking awesome so if you genuinely feel so inclined, fire away. Haha.

Reason #14 I am crazy (I don't know what number I'm actually on so I'm just choosing at random now):
One time in church I made a comment likening sanctification to childbirth. Like literal, dripping from the creation, childbirth. I talked about babies being suddenly cut out of their mother's stomachs vs. gradually popping out the hoo-hah and how that's like each of our spiritual journeys. It made sense at the time, but I also knew it was weird and a little gross to talk about in a church setting (any setting?). But I plowed on anyways.

Haha, I totally entertain myself.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Robert Muraine Audition - SYTYCD 4 - [BEST QUALITY]

Holy crap, this guy is SICK! I *heart* So You Think You Can Dance and am sooooo stoked for the new season!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire!


Silly Jessie

Jessie and her sister, Taylor
(please excuse her messy hair, I was not on the ball this day)

The family I live with is going out of town this weekend, which means I have three days of me-n-Jessie time ahead of me. I haven't talked about Jessie very much (if at all) on here, but she's been a big part of my life for the last 6-7 months. Thanks to her, I get a free apartment in the Stake President's house, and a job at the SP's physical therapy clinic and urgent care clinic. Also, his sister who runs HR for all of his clinics has offered me a career after I graduate (one that I don't think I'll take, but it's nice to have the option.) All this because Jessie's mom picked me out of a crowd to be friends with and care for her daughter.

Jessie just turned 20. We have the same first and middle names. She loves movies...especially romantic comedies and old westerns. She is totally boy crazy. She likes to play tricks on me and laughs when I look stupid. She also has Angelman Syndrome. This means that she doesn't talk at all and can't walk long distances. She can feed herself with a spoon but is still working on the whole fork thing. I get to bathe her, dress her and change her diaper when I'm watching her. In some ways she is super smart, but a lot of the time hanging out with her is just like hanging out with an adult-sized toddler. I never thought I would be friends with someone like Jessie, but I'm so glad I am because I have learned a lot from her and also she ALWAYS makes me laugh and laughter is my very favorite thing!!

One time when I was making dinner in the kitchen, I could hear Jessie laughing periodically. She was watching a western and when I went in to see what she thought was so funny, I realized that she was laughing everytime a cowboy pulled a gun out of his holster. If anyone got shot, she REALLY thought that was funny. She also thinks The Three Stooges, dogs and anyone falling down are hilarious.

The falling down doesn't have to happen on-screen for Jessie to get a good laugh. I took her to the mall once and was having a hard time maneuvering her wheelchair out of the non-automatic doors (the wheelchair is just for when we're going to be on our feet a long time.) It was my first time with her in the wheelchair and I wasn't smart enough to figure out that if I went backwards out the door, I could hang on to her chair and get out easily. So instead I twisted myself into a knot trying to shove the door open by reaching over her head and then running out the door before it closed all the way and then grabbing her chair -- and before I knew it, I was flat on my butt and Jessie was laughing (loudly) at my predicament.

Jessie also likes to play tricks on me for her own amusement. One time I made pizza and got hers all ready for her, then put mine on a plate and turned to fill my water cup. I heard an (evil) laugh and when I turned around, Jessie has pulled all the cheese and toppings off of my pizza and was VERY proud of her little joke. The last time her parents were out of town, I had put her in the tub and then left to put in a load of laundry. Jessie, the little stinker, has always led me to believe that she can't get out of the tub without my help. So imagine my surprise when I headed back to the bathroom only to be intercepted by a dripping wet, naked Jessie who then ran away from me laughing her head off!

When it comes to boys, Jessie is a totally normal boy-crazy 20 year old. When a hot guy comes on the screen on tv or in a movie, she yells and wiggles and (if at home) scoots as close to the screen as possible to get close to her crush. Here is a list of her favorites since I've started watching her:

1. Ed Speleers from Eragon

2. Logan Bartholomew from Love's Enduring Promise

3. James Franco from Fly Boys

4. James Marsden from X-Men, Ever After, Hairspray and 27 Dresses

5. And last (but DEFINITELY not least) is her favorite, Zac Efron -- of HSM and Hairspray fame

She has good taste, no? Maybe I should ask her what she thinks about Mr. Mark Ruffalo, haha.

I have so much fun with Jessie whenever we hang out. She is almost always happy and willing to give hugs and play. I also really love her family and am so appreciative of everything that her mom and dad do for me. In the long run, Jessie will have only been a direct part of my life for a moment, but the influence she's had on my heart and spirit will last forever and ever. Super cheesy, I know, but very, very true.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

My sleeping habits have been AWFUL lately, and the other night I was up until 4 talking to my friend online. I didn't think it would effect me too badly, but last night I couldn't sleep until 5 so I left work early today because I was woozy and dizzy from only getting 1 hour of sleep. And now here I am again at 12:30 facing the choice of finishing my laundry because I'm fresh out of clean undies, or trying to get some shut eye at a semi-decent hour. Oh brother. Gone are the good ol' days of being 18 or 19 years old, able to stay up all night and survive off of 2-3 hours of sleep every night. Maybe something in me is rebelling against my real age and trying to be young again and that's why I cant sleep lately. Or I've just been doing pretty well in most areas of my life, and subconsciously I'm self-sabotaging. Hmmm...could that be reason #9 I'm crazy?

I taught the lesson at our stake YSA FHE (Young Single Adult Family Home Evening --Mormons seriously have their own language) and I think it went well. I didn't prepare for it as much as I should have, but luckily the kids there were willing and able to have a discussion and made lots of really good comments. That made my job a lot easier. I HATE having to sit through 45 minute lessons where the speaker doesn't ask any questions or allow comments. It's boring and I don't get anything out of it. The whole point of YSA FHE is that we're all about the same age living similar experiences, so we have a lot to learn from each other. I just wanted to give us a chance to do that. Hopefully the adults in charge of FHE took note and will encourage future teachers to give lessons that are conducive to good discussions.

Six week school terms are totally the way to go. I'm already halfway done with this term! It goes so fast I don't have time to be lazy.

I had a run-in at the gym this weekend with a crazy old hairy fat man named Don. He got me kicked out of the steam room. When I talked to management about it the next day, they assured me that they hated Don (apparently he tattled on someone one time for sweating too much while joke) and that I had been in the right the day before. The employee who kicked me out will be informed of the actual steam room rules. I am glad, because I feared that my favorite part of the gym was going to be stolen away from me. I looooove the steam room so much -- way more than a regular old sauna. I would just like to end this tonight by telling that crazy man who has nothing better to do than follow people around and try and get them in trouble when they're not doing anything wrong:

Don, suck it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'll Consider Your Votes

Ok, jeez, apparently my adorable Mark Ruffalo is NOT sexy enough for some people so here are some other options I'll consider for marriage, or I'd settle for just a sexy romp in the hay if that's what it came down to.

I don't know if you'll like this guy if you don't like Mark Ruffalo. What can I say? I'm drawn to the puppy dog eyes I guess.

Pure sex appeal with this guy. Seeing him and listening to that sexy accent makes my pulse race and my palms a little sweaty.

Ok, last (but not least)...How could you NOT want a guy with this much sexy confidence...Rawr!

So there you are. Brad Pitt's turning into a baby-collecting elder so he's out but I'm still open to other suggestions.

In other news, two weddings are coming up in which I'll be forced to wear a fancy dress. If that doesn't motivate me to finally lose this weight, I don't know what will. Here's hoping that I'll be lookin' good by the end of August/September...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is who I am convinced I am going to marry. No seriously, I will find him and he will be mine. Somehow, someway, someday:

So I finished my semester a couple of weeks ago and I checked my grades this week, peaking with one eye because I was bracing myself for some C-ish grades. But apparently I am either really lucky or just really bad at calculating grades on my own because I totally got 3 A's and 1 A-minus. I am super excited, but I also feel a little funny about one class in particular. The grade for that class is supposed to be based on 10 weekly assignments (I only did 8) and two 6-7 page papers (I turned in one a month late and didn't do the other one at all). Yet I somehow got an A. What the...? It was my world religion class, and I always participated in class and so I guess my teacher just pictured me as a good student in her head based on that and ignored her grade book. Is it bad that I laugh about it more than I feel guilt for it?

Reason #8 I am crazy:
I remembered last night the time when I watched a Hilary Duff movie. The whole thing. And I cried through 70% of it. I was 23 at the time.

I'm so funny, for real.